dimanche 22 octobre 2017

Why Wood Or Coal? Bio Ethanol Is better

There is no one in the civilised world who would disagree that a fire in the depths of winter is not a good idea. To gather friends and family around the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire is one of the greatest joys that could ever be experienced.

Fire has been our friend since when we were still living in caves and were afraid of the dark. Today we're lucky enough not to (usually) have something that will try and eat us as we sit in our living rooms.

But fire still fascinates us. It warms us and it comforts us. And it brings friends and family together.

So we bring logs and charcoal together to make that bright and warm fire in our home. But let's be honest it really is terrible to get that fire together and light it and then clean up afterwards.

This is why many people are turning to bio Ethanol as an alternative to traditional ways of having a fireplace in their homes.

Bio Ethanol is cleaner and is is a much more energy efficient way of enjoying a fireplace in your home.

You do not have to go outside and get the wood to start the fire and you do not have have to mess about with matches or fire starters. You simply click a switch and away you go.

Not only are bio ethanol fireplaces less hassle than traditional fireplaces but they are also less likely to cause harm to the family. There are no small pieces of charcoal that fall on the carpet and children and pets are less likely to suffer any harm as opposed to traditional types of fireplaces.

It's not only safety that makes bio ethanol fireplaces that much more attractive. Floor standing bio ethanol fireplaces are fabulous additions to the home because they are portable.

Imagine being able to take your fireplace to the porch or into your bedroom. That is what you can do with a bio ethanol fireplace. And - a big plus - when handled correctly they are completely safe and do not leave a mess behind - unlike traditional fireplaces.

With bio ethanol fireplaces you do not get the smell not=r the smudges and ash that that are the inevitable result of using normal or traditional fireplaces. There is not the staining of curtains nor that lingering smell that often accompanies the use of wood or coal - switch it off and your house returns to normal.

So bio ethanol fireplaces are more economical, safer and they simply do not require the upkeep that traditional fireplaces require. It seems that many people - across the world are turning to a new way of getting that perfect warmth and ambiance with the added hassle of having to buy wood or charcoal and having to fuel a fireplace. It seems like a small price to pay to enjoy the absolute wonder of warmth without the price of added activity.

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