mercredi 4 mai 2016

Bio Gel Fireplaces: Fireplace of the Future


One of the most important and interesting modern innovations in fireplace technology is the development of the bio gel fireplace. These fireplaces use a fuel canister similar to the type used to heat food trays and fondue pots at catered outdoor events, but instead of smelly Sterno canisters, biofuels are used. The advantage of biofuel is that it burns very cleanly and without unpleasant odors or toxic byproducts. This allows these fireplaces to be used indoors without any concerns about venting or air circulation, since the only products of the process are carbon dioxide and steam – in fact, these are just the same byproducts produced when humans breathe.

Another advantage that bio gel fireplaces have is that, since they use fuel canisters, there is no need to install complicated fuel lines and storage tanks to operate the fireplace. When you take these two factors together – no need for venting and no need for fuel lines – you become able to design fireplaces that were not possible with previous technologies. Bio gel fireplaces can be as small as a toaster, and they are extremely portable – you can move them around to any room in your house.

Since no venting or complicated fuel line systems are needed, designs for bio gel fireplaces can focus on the aesthetics. This had led to the development of very modern designs for every kind of modern home décor style. In fact, the most cutting edge exhibitions in home décor trends all make use of bio gel fireplace technology, since a bio gel fireplace adds a lot of warmth and visual appeal to a room without needing unappealing ventilation or fuel line systems. The flame that comes from a bio gel fireplace is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing flames, since it mimics natural flame very closely.

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